RENO/RENEAU REUNION - September 27, 28, and 29, 2013

EL RENO, OK at Historic Fort Reno

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Our hearts are with the people of EL RENO after the tornado, but they are still expecting us.

Hotels: Our primary motel is the Holiday Inn Express and more information, including the phone number, rates, and group reservation code are available by clicking above.  The secondary motel is the BAYMONT INN 405-262-3050 for $80.00 per night (Reservations under Reno/Reneau).

These motels are right next door to each other with just a short walk between the two. From the motels, we are only about a short ten minute drive from Fort Reno.

We have a special treat that begins on Saturday at 8:00 pm. It is the Ft. Reno Candlelight Tour. By candle and lantern light re-enactors will portray individuals who lived at or visited Historic Fort Reno during the different phases of its existence from 1874 to the present. Visitors will be guided around the parade GROUNDS AND INTO THE CHAPEL TO EXPERIENCE scenes from history.

More information (posted soon):

  • when you can make reservations at the NEW Holiday Inn Express
  • Agenda for Saturday
  • Sites in and around El Reno to experience

Hosting provided as a gift to the Reno-Reneau family by Jim Reneau and RENEJM Enterprises, Inc. of Russell KY.